Fun Fair

The Fair stands for enjoyment in capital letters and this takes on special importance in the area given over to the fun fair, where thousands of people gather everyday and where both children and adults alike find something to suit their tastes.

This year there are over five hundred different rides and amusements to cater for all types of public, spread over 33,000 square metres and a must for all ages, though of course it is the children who are the main protagonists.

Moreover, if the Feria means colour, enjoyment and a good atmosphere then all of these elements are to be found in the Fun Fair with the added attraction of special reduced prices on Tuesday, a day on which there is a large affluence of public.

‘Día de los Cacharritos’

La Feria es una de las semanas favoritas de los más pequeños. El martes, 8
de mayo
, seguirá siendo el Día de los Cacharritos, con precios especiales.
Igualmente se mantendrán abiertas las atracciones el domingo 13 de mayo
aunque ya se haya clausurado la Feria atendiendo al volumen de visitantes
que registra la zona de los cacharritos ese día.