A coordinated effort for a safe Fair

The Human Resources and Safety Department in collaboration with the local police force will provide emergency services 24 hours a day during the six days of the event. This operation will be organised in collaboration with the Subdelegación del Gobierno in Cádiz, as is the case with other events on the festive calendar each year such as Holy Week and the World Motorbike Championships.

240 local police officers, working different days and different shifts, will be on duty together with the Municipal Watchmen and members of the Civil Protection Service. There will be a caseta for general emergency services located under the railway bridge in the main street of the Fair and this will be shared with members of the national police force.

Amongst the duties of the local police force, apart from giving information to locals and visitors alike, will be the following: diverting traffic around the grounds of the Fair, controlling street vendors, ensuring the fulfilment of Town Council Regulations, controlling the Horse Parade and collaborating with the national police on matters of security.