The casetas

More than two hundred casetas combine each year to form the ephemeral city which is raised for seven days in the González Hontoria Park.

These are the ideal places in which to enjoy sherry and our local cuisine in the best of company, and where to sing and dance sevillanas as well as witnessing the most genuine flamenco, performed spontaneously at any moment in any of the casetas in the Fair.

But in order to provide such a wonderful atmosphere the casetas have to be set up with great care each year, each with their own distinctive decorative style from facade to interior, a style which makes each of them uniquely exclusive and without doubt one of the major attractions of the Horse Fair.

In order to ensure the continuity of the image projected by the casetas in the Fair each year, set out in harmony around the grounds, Jerez Town Council organises a competition to reward the efforts of the different caseta owners and ensure that the Hontoria Park is seen at its best during the week of the Fair.