Daily Cleaning

The Department of the Environment will once again deploy a special service to keep the Feria grounds clean, collect rubbish and inspect the casetas. The service will be on duty 24 hours a day in order to respond to the demands of a Fair which must be seen at its best, ready to welcome thousands of visitors each day.

The Department of the Environment is not just responsible for the grounds of the Fair but also the surrounding area too, including the external locations where the horse-riding and horse-jumping events take place, thus providing a service of the greatest importance.

If everything is to work efficiently the staff of the refuse collection and maintenance service must work all day, every day, from the early hours of the morning and not let up for a moment, given that the very character of the Fair means that their services may be required at any moment of the day.

The Department of the Environment hope and trust that both the inhabitants of Jerez and visitors alike will have an excellent time at the Horse Fair and you may be sure that our staff will be on the alert at all times to ensure that the Gonzalez Hontoria Park is always at its best.

You can count on the fact that we will be working hard so that you may all enjoy the Fair to the full, and in order to guarantee this we have not only placed fully qualified personnel at your disposal but also the necessary machinery and infrastructure.