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Zafa califal con ciervo. Siglo X

Working on pieces 2007/2008/2009
Zafa Califal con ciervo 1

From the archaeological excavation in Plaza Belén in the urban centre of Jerez.

The full piece was discovered in many fragments. The corroding metallic elements on it had stained the surface with rust. Crusts of calcium carbonate covered much of its surface, and prevented the fragments from being put together properly. The fragments were eroded, with some loss of material at the edges.  Also to be observed was the devitrification of the cover, with some flaking and micro-fissures. 

The job consisted firstly of mechanically cleaning the superficial adhesions.  Carbonate concretions were then eliminated by combining chemical and mechanical processes, and carrying out a subsequent neutralization. Following this, the edges were consolidated and the fragments joined with reversible adhesive. Lastly, the restorers proceeded to fix and protect the altered vitreous surface.

Zafa Califal con ciervo 2

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