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Arco polilobulado almohade. Siglo XII-XIII

Working on pieces 2007/2008/2009
Arco polilobulado almohade 1

From the Pabellón Real (Royal Pavilion) at the Alcázar in Jerez.

Plaster polylobate arch with incised decoration pigmented in red and black.

Forty-nine fragments of different sizes and thicknesses have been restored. These were from the different arches that adorned the Pabellón.

The pieces were very damaged. A general inspection revealed the following pathologies: rehydration of the plaster with deformations and cavities, powdery and eroded surface, adhesions of modern mortar and dirt.

Each piece was first cleaned and consolidated.

After studying the size and shape of one of the arches, twenty-four fragments were selected to rebuild it. It was assembled on a synthetic support and fixed with supportive steel and fiberglass elements. Once the pieces were fixed to the support, volumetric reconstruction began. This process combined different reversible materials similar to the original.

Arco polilobulado almohade 2

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