Selection of pieces



Handmade ceramic.

Height: 20.9 cm. Diameter at mouth: 17 cm. Maximum diameter: 25 cm.

Neolithic. Around 3500 B.C.



Simas de la Veredilla. Benaocaz. Cádiz.



Globular urn with cylindrical neck and two handles. Smoothed and burnished surface. Richly decorated with incised lines filled with curved or short vertical markings. The decoration appears along the edges and on the exterior surface. It shows a band of four lines running parallel around the urn at the handles. From this band six vertical strips run mid-way down the object. They are set equidistantly around the vessel. The urn has a rounded base, as is normally the case with Neolithic ceramic items. It was discovered almost complete next to some similar urns inside one of the cavities in the cave complex of Veredilla, in the Sierra de Cádiz. This seems to indicate that they were put there deliberately, possibly for a burial.



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