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The museum building is located in the neighbourhood of San Mateo, one of the six parishes into which Alfonso X divided the ancient Islamic medina in 1264.

The current installations are spread around three patios, forming a wide extended complex measuring approximately 3,200 m2.

The main part of the permanent exhibition is found in a building dating back to the late 18th century. Its structure is typical of "casas patio" (courtyard houses) and is a lesser-scale copy of Baroque palaces.

In 1838, the San Juan Bautista College of Humanities was founded in this building thanks to part of Don Juan Sánchez's inheritance. It would later become the first provincial secondary school in 1851.

The School moved in 1884 and the old site is now occupied by the School of Santo Domingo. The current Julián Cuadra room, named in honour of this distinguished teacher, was built at around this time, specifically in 1890.

The building was a centre of learning until it was abandoned in the early 1970s. After restoration works in which new rooms were added, the complex went on to become the new site of the Municipal Archaeological Museum.

A new phase to extend the permanent exhibition rooms and reserve collection areas has recently been completed.

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