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This is part of the Municipal Network of Libraries, the Network of Documentation Centres and the Specialized Libraries of Andalusia.

It specializes in Archaeology, Heritage and Restoration.

Number of volumes: approx. 3,000 in addition to monographs and periodicals. Its collection is being incorporated into the Collective Catalogue of the Red Idea.

Access: only for university students and researchers.

Room capacity: 18 seats.

Opening Time: 

WINTER (15-9/15-6)

Tuesday and Thursday: from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 7pm.

SUMMER (15/6-15-9)

Tuesday and Thursday: from 10am to 2pm

Restoration Laboratory


The restoration department team has at its disposal some modern and complete installations, restored during the museum's last refurbishments and extension work. These allow the team to tackle all potential preservation and restoration problems that could eventually arise in both permanent exhibition pieces and those stored in its unseen collection.

Their activities are not restricted purely to laboratory work; they also work at the actual sites, extracting and consolidating archaeological pieces in situ, while also carrying out various other activities based around the city's historical heritage.

Reserve Collection



This occupies an area of 415 m2 across three warehouses, which are differentiated depending on the characteristics of the archaeological items.

The collection is permanently monitored to check its state of conservation. It is available to consult by researchers with the relevant authorization.

Julián Cuadra Room and other multi-purpose rooms


The Julián Cuadra Room has an area of approx. 200 m2 and a seating capacity of 180. It can be used as part of the exhibition space, or for independent means.

As a multi-purpose space, it has been used for international science conferences, university courses or highly important events. However, the bulk of activities (informative conferences, temporary exhibitions, theatre...) are aimed at the local public. It is hoped that the museum will become the reference point for safeguarding local heritage, and a place for culture and leisure in which visitors can get to know and enjoy all aspects of the past.

The museum also has a second multi-function room, covering an area of approximately 120 m2. It is situated in the new extension, and is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to become the main venue for smaller conferences and meetings as well as small exhibitions.