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A large part of the collection comprises pieces from two significant sites found in the area of this municipality: Mesas de Asta and the city of Jerez itself.

Mesas de Asta, the Hasta Regia of the Romans, is situated on the old estuary of the Guadalquivir River's left bank, about 11 km to the north east of Jerez's urban centre. It has enabled the study of rock layers from the 4th-3rd millennia B.C. to the late medieval period, although at that time it seems that it was only a small village with a resting place for livestock.

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For its part, the city of Jerez, the Islamic Sharish , is located on a plateau that looks out over a valley that long ago was covered by the marshes around the Guadalete River.

Its origins go back to the medieval period, more specifically between the second half of the 9th century and the first half of the 10th from information we have gathered to date. This coincided with the final stage of the Independent Emirate and the start of the Caliphate of Cordoba.

Prior to this date, the site of the current Historical Complex was occupied throughout the Copper Age (3rd-2nd millennia B.C.). However, this settlement cannot be the origin of the historical urban centre, as it did not affect its configuration and development.